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Inspector-General of Biosecurity

Inspector-General of Biosecurity

The Role

The Inspector-General of Biosecurity (IGB) provides assurance over Australia’s biosecurity risk management systems through independent evaluation and verification. The IGB may review the performance of functions and exercise of powers by the Director of Biosecurity. The IGB makes recommendations for overall system improvements.

The IGB does not review or assess Australian Government national biosecurity policies, international trade issues and market access opportunities.

The IGB is independent from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources and is not subject to direction by either the Director of Biosecurity or the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources. However, the IGB may consider a request from the Minister or the Director of Biosecurity for a review to be conducted.


The IGB must publish an annual review programme. In developing the programme, the IGB must consult with the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources and Director of Biosecurity, but may not be directed on what is reviewed and how a review is conducted.

The IGB may accept submissions from the public or organisations in relation to a review being conducted. These may be published at the discretion of the IGB.

At the conclusion of a review, a report including the findings of the IGB must be made publicly available after it has been provided to the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

Biosecurity Import Risk Assessment (BIRA) appeals

The IGB is responsible for reviewing the processes for Biosecurity Import Risk Assessments (BIRA). Details of this responsibility can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ BIRA page.